Installation Proceder For Batching Plant

2012-10-12 10:40:33

 Installation proceder for batching plant, all kinds of major and medium small type commercial concrete mixing plant, engineering concrete installation proceder for batching plant the attentions to be paid to in introduction:
1, mixing console installation: the mixer chassis next plane appropriate mat tall, with hinge will leg and host connection is good, installed cement scale, water balance, admixture scale after, can lifting, measurement and adjust host chassis, make in the level state, each leg centerline and foundation centerline coincidence after can anchor bolt pouring in reserve pit (or base and shall reserve the welding).
2, cement bin land screw bolt to basic reserve pit pouring, after adjustment for cement bin support center line and foundation center line coincidence at the same time, adjust the above four flange in the same horizontal plane (measurement methods: transit or diameter 8-10 transparent plastic hose add color water measurement method), can choose do concrete pouring. Reserve pit pouring concrete grades should be used than foundation concrete high level, in the winter construction, in order to shorten the construction period, the concrete should add early strength antifreeze. Stay foundation concrete setting 5-7 days, just can be installed cement bin body, cement bin body installation, need theodolite to cement bin body of vertical degree measurement, vertical degree for one over one thousand of the height. To shorten the construction period, infrastructure, also can use embedded parts instead of anchor bolt fixed cement bin or mixer.
3, the other part of the installation: host and cement warehouse after the installation, can install screw conveyor, lifting ago, check all lubricating points filling oil and grease, must carry on the empty running test, found that the problem solves promptly, batching machine part of the installation, according to the foundation drawing requirements in position, small batching machine put in solid foundation pier plane can, large batching machine for pouring anchor bolt, the mechanical parts after the installation, check all sorts of equipment of all lubricating points charging the lubricating oil (northeast winter must be replaced for low temperature conditions of the lubricating oil or grease, can according to the manual and electric principle diagram requirements connection and empty running test.
This is the installation proceder for batching plant, perhaps for future construction have help.

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