How To Solve The Problem Of Fly Ash Block Making Machine

2012-08-29 09:04:48

At present domestic fly ash Block Making Machine automation level is low, control means is behind common problems. The automation level, solve the fly ash Block Making Machine the control problem is not difficult, but is most lacking automatic control technology and drying equipment reasonable combination of the problem.
Such as improper selection, the user besides should take unnecessary one-time high outside purchasing cost, but also in the whole period of use pay a heavy price, such as low efficiency, high energy consumption, the operating cost is high, the product quality is poor, and even equipment can't normal operation, etc. Also, different materials to the requirements of control means there is also a greater difference. Automatic control Block Making Machine in fly ash the role as is known to all, but its one-time investment is also the biggest concern of the people, sometimes control equipment investment and even more than mechanical part of the investment.
In addition, pay attention to amplification device research. Amplification involves fluid mechanics, mechanics, thermodynamics, material science, dust, electrical appliances, control subjects. In the amplification process is likely to some problems. Therefore, in this aspect, to a large extent depends on the industrial experience, to material property of mastery and understanding of the equipment. In the amplification process possible phenomenon should be rational and objectively forecast, and put forward the corresponding solutions. The so-called research amplification effect, is in the grasp of drying theory, drying technology at the same time, pay attention to accumulation of practical experience, lessons learned.
Equipment are "advanced technology, first-class level, high-end production technology" to produce the high quality products and service users. In order to our children, to join hands in fly ash Block Making Machine together to create green low carbon energy saving space.

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