How To Plan The Concrete Batching Plant

2012-08-14 09:54:41

Concrete batching plant equipment according to the actual situation of construction site for more flexible layout site should level off in good condition, and compaction, but before installation. At the same time in the recombination of DaYang position, DaYang should be reserved to the equipment installation is completed (pre-prepared the parts of supporting foundation), material storage bins for blending and powder supply system of concrete batching plant pier want to leave a good two times the anchor bolt grouting hole, but at the same time should pay attention to the following questions.
Mixing concrete batching plant planning four precautions
1, concrete batching plant equipment installation foundation to choose in open place so as to shorten the cycle of the loader material. Unblocked strong and non-interference still also can ensure the end materials transport vehicles switching convenient.
2, when a foundation of prefabricated to ensure that each size requirement of flatness and lap reasonable to make equipment installation, strong, still because quality of foundation will affect the normal work of the equipment and use quality love.
3, concrete batching plant according to the size of the original material piling up and configuration of the loader still to decide on the side of the unit ingredients for 1 hair in mine machinery, the / / nets.
4, for the convenience of the loader loading, the unit is in ingredients should be set on the side slope with the ingredients for pier unit shall be kept between a can of free access channels tour, and at the same time, in order to facilitate the operation of the equipment and patrol in feeding slope pier and ingredients should be built between the protective fencing, still repair and maintenance. In order to avoid the loader cutting sala breaking the material accumulation after, to aggregate the normal operation of the belt conveyor is detrimental, the influence of the concrete batching plant work efficiency.

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