How To Guarantee Avoid Block Making Machine The System Stable Work

2012-11-20 09:11:14

 Avoid burning block making machine, there are all kinds of exterior wall block, interior wall block, tracery wall brick, floor block, dike dam block, still can production chain road block and roadside stone, block. Avoid burning block making machine is widely used in the building, road, square, hydraulic, the botanical garden construction, etc.
Avoid burning block making machine using sand, stone, cement, but a large number of adding fly ash, Shanghai slag, steel slag, coal gangue, ceramsite, perlite and so on the many kinds of industrial waste.
Avoid burning block making machine control system by using the programmable controller PLC control equipped with data input/output device, the control system including the safety logic control and fault diagnosis system, and with self-locking function, to avoid the error action produce, real-time protection of customer production run smoothly.
Hydraulic control system by large capacity of the oil housing automatic regulating variable system, high and low voltage control system, synchronous demould device composition. Equipped with cooling system and heating system, to ensure the oil temperature and viscosity make whole hydraulic system is more stable and reliable, the use of advanced oil filtration system, more can guarantee the service life of hydraulic components and hydraulic system stability. Hydraulic components using high dynamic performance proportional valve to accurately control the action of key parts.
Vibration extrusion forming device adopts vertical directional vibration, extrusion forming, synchronous release. Rotary fast cloth way, to ensure the bearing block, lightweight aggregate block, fly ash block full dense, cloth uniform rapidly, a preliminary vibration cloth fabric, molding cycle is shortened, and the production efficiency can be increased, the unique table mode resonance system. Make vibration concentration in the mold, not only ensure block compactness and reduce the frame vibration and noise. The machine adopts super-large strong steel and special welding technology manufacturing, good rigidity, shock resistant, long service life. Four rod guide way and super staying power guide bearing to ensure that the head and mould accurate motion. Moving parts are used joint bearing coupling, facilitate lubrication and not vulnerable.
According to the above system work and sorting normal, the operation workers carefully maintenance, can guarantee from burning block making machine stability work.

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