How To Extend Avoid Burning Block Making Machine Life

2012-11-19 11:04:52

Avoid burning Block Making Machine mostly in sediment, gravel, rain and snow in the bad environment, such as operation, its technical conditions necessary than other mechanical down fast, between parts fit will appear different degree of loose, wear, corrosion and scaling wait for a phenomenon.
Each connection with nature, parts interaction relation and institutions such as work coordination will be dealt with the influence of different level, if the power, economy, reliability and performance index decline, and even cause the machine accident. Therefore, we must attach importance to avoid burning Block Making Machine technical maintenance.
Avoid burning Block Making Machine, Block molding Machine technology maintenance is to point to to make mechanical often in good technical condition, ensure the reliability, improve work efficiency, prolong the service life of mechanical and a series of technical measures taken.
Its main content is clean, fastening, lubrication and adjustment is given priority to, and according to related inspection and testing work. Various types of machinery and equipment in the use and maintenance manual "has a clear maintenance regulation, but in practice it often did not cause enough attention, main performance is:
(1) the existing "to repair and keep" the thought. There is no technical maintenance plan, machine often take "disease" homework, only when the machine can no longer work, just send to repair.
(2) the site by the bad environmental conditions limitation, technical maintenance not according to the provisions of the maintenance "quantity", but the thought of any maintenance what, see what what maintenance.
(3) to maintenance personnel quality is low, not according to the maintenance of the operating rules, and also have no corresponding maintenance record.
(4) in the capital is relatively short, fails to pay maintenance, or the use of illegal oil and spare parts.
(5) in the time limit for a project nervous for drive plan, do not make as scheduled maintenance, ignore mechanical status and hard work and so on. 

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