How To Choose Avoid Burning Block Making Machine

2012-11-28 09:33:19

Due to the promotion of project baking-free brick and not in a nationwide large area expansion, to make most of the friends this project does not understand very. Plus domestic production related equipment manufacturers more, have more very person according to is a shell companies, the strength and publicity is not balanced. A lot of manufacturer are "low price" slogan to deceive the people. In the fu rhett mechanical friendship remind friends pay attention to the following:
1, buy from burning Block Making Machine production line not only see the price, the key is the quality of the products and services.
2, want to see provide equipment manufacturers strength, on the one hand, is refers to the factory production capacity and scale, on the other hand to see if there are a lot of successful cases for reference. (don't just look at the photos, copy other people's also a lot of)
3, makes the technology is feasible, I also have been in touch with a few manufacturer, from equipment installation and commissioning, after two or three months time didn't can make a piece of brick, is to make a brick, brick index also can not reach the requirements of the state.
4, avoid burning Block Making Machine is mainly according to solid brick production development, by changing with touch can produce good quality of the other brick type.
5, now in the Internet to see a part of the shell companies, especially xx province (very famous the province) area, please friends be careful not fall into the trap of these so-called manufacturer only know some simple technical knowledge, in the equipment aspect, from I understand the situation, it is from foreign purchases and then changed hands, they have no production workshop let you visit, to the technology for secrecy, refused to your investigation. 

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