Hollow Block Making Machine Production Efficiency

2012-11-29 10:47:01

 Filling Block Making Machine with high efficiency heat preservation material basically has expansion polystyrene foam plastic board (EPS/XPS), foaming polyurethane, glass cotton, rock wool, mineral wool and so on, these materials to improve the thermal performance of the Block effect is very good, but there are also costs, fire prevention, filling technology, hollow Block Machine production efficiency etc. Problem.
With the expansion of the recycled polystyrene foam plastic renewable particles for ultra light weight aggregate and insulation subject to cement as the main cementing material, using anchoring water retention and physical pore forming technology, the preparation of cement base composite insulation material has good thermal performance and physical and mechanical performance, in block production line filling convenient, but with block and curing, not only can significantly improve the block of the thermal performance, and realize wastes and comprehensive utilization, carry out the circular economy development in China and energy-saving emission reduction policies.
Regeneration EPS particle: by the recovery of waste expansion polystyrene foam plastic regeneration and become. Regeneration EPS particle surface rough, be helpful for and cement matrix interface bonding, particle maximum size not more than 7 mm, stacking density less than 12 kg/m.
Composite admixture: gray powder, type WWX - 2005. To enhance the CIC slurry viscosity and structural stability, improve the uniformity and construction sex, control CIC pulp of microporous structure, improve the strength of the CIC and waterproof performance.

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