From The Concrete Demand To See Concrete Batching Plant Development

2012-09-10 10:40:25

With the development of the society, the basic construction intensified efforts, building safety consciousness enhancement, the use of concrete increases, and then drive the concrete mixing plant and stabilized soil mixing station equipment research and development and the production.
Concrete definition
Concrete definition:
Concrete is a cement for cement, cement, sand, stone, aggregate and water according to certain proportion coordination, the mixer mixing and become a kind of building materials.
Concrete composition: aggregate (sand, stone); Powder (cement, fly ash and mineral powder, powder additive); Water; Liquid admixture.

Concrete development trend
1. Concrete with high strength, high performance and greening characteristics
The meaning of green: (1) use green cement, reduce dust emission (2) save cement dosage, reduce emissions (3) in the cement to participate in activity mill admixture (4) blending heightening efficiency admixture (5) use of high performance concrete, reduce the use of cement and concrete (6) concrete recycling
2. The extensive use of lightweight concrete
(3) composite materials in the concrete engineering structure will be the leading role of building materials
From the 1960 s on, Chinese concrete batching plant development change with each passing day. Henan boom machine manufacturing co., LTD. Is engaged in the concrete batching plant research and development for 20 years of history, is a new type of commercial concrete batching plant industry pioneer. I company with the world's advanced science and technology, and constantly innovative research and development of the concrete mixing plant high production efficiency, power consumption is small, equipment wear-resisting degree is high, durable. Henan boom machine manufacturing co., LTD. Of concrete mixing plant equipment have master station structure, concrete mixer, screw conveyor, powder cans, belt conveyor, mixing station, weighing system, feed liquid system, gas supply system, electric control system, dust removal system, control room.

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