Domestic Cement Block Making Machine Main Technical Performance

2012-11-22 09:21:12

 Domestic cement Block Making Machine appearance beautiful, generous, beautiful, at the same time, distinctive style, can completely and foreign cement Block Making Machine comparable, cement Block Making Machine give a person with particularly fine feeling.
Domestic cement Block Making Machine hydraulic system has simple and reliable, and the characteristics of less with valve, and foreign cement Block Making Machine has compared to create new features. Block Making Machine master cylinder hydraulic system adopts cartridge valve, dynamic cartridge valve, high frequency servo proportional throttle cartridge valve, bidirectional proportional throttle cartridge valve and control; Small tonnage cement Block Making Machine by using the quantitative pump oil, the big ZhongDunWei cement Block Making Machine use of variable pump oil supply. Chooses hydraulic parts and seals are foreign famous brand, so domestic cement Block Making Machine hydraulic system is very reliable.
Domestic large tonnage cement Block Making Machine of ejection device unique, the structure is simple, the movement precision, regulation and control high precision (with one percent millimeters), to ensure the accuracy of ceramic tile, reaching the international advanced level.
Domestic cement Block Making Machine saving energy effect is remarkable, and this is mainly domestic cement Block Making Machine frame strong, reliable, stiffness, deformation is small, plus a number of line only effective energy saving measures, make domestic cement Block Making Machine of some type main oil pump click power greatly lower than similar foreign Block Making Machine.
Domestic cement Block Making Machine control system of advanced, reliable, universal by using the programmable controller control. Program software more in line with the ceramic brick production process, working parameters and working status screen display, can be arbitrary adjustment, automatic fault diagnosis. Using many kinds of control mode position, time, pressure control, parameter adjustment more flexibility, a wide range of process adaptability. With the application of advanced control software, can obtain the accurate pressure control. Large tonnage cement Block Making Machine using analog quantity and servo proportional control technology can obtain higher control accuracy, implement accurate pressing. Large tonnage cement Block Making Machine equipped with moving beam and base parallel test control system. Automatic control system, with advanced remote monitoring and diagnosis function.

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