DASION Concrete Mixing Machinery Advantage

2012-08-31 09:27:37

DASION as mixing mechanical pioneer, our equipment quality, the post-sale service, the year sales volume has been far ahead. Our advantage is mainly embodied in the aspects:
1, DASION set of concrete batching plant equipment reliability higher. I company for mixing plant research and development, production, sales, after 20 next year's development, its development process is introduced -- digestion - part production - production - all improve - innovation mixing plant equipment. Like most of the concrete company continuous production 10000 cubic meters of concrete is the very normal matter, DASION agitation mechanical stability improved two times, its key parts such as host, screw machine, main control and pneumatic component performance has been quite stable, such as mixing blade adopt unique high chrome high manganese alloy wear resistant material, shaft end bearing and seal form adopt unique multiple seal or airtight, greatly improve the reliability of the host. To often by shock, easy abrasions, such as discharge hopper, transition bucket the place such as the wear resistant steel plate at the department strengthens; Ring type of belt joint vulcanization cementation, service life than ordinary steel riveting growth 3 times, this is to ensure the high reliability of the premise condition.
2, DASION mixing mechanical automation control level is higher. 2002 years later DASION handsome the first 2 party hosts many sets of parallel way, solved in improving production capacity at the same time guarantee a standby and reduce concrete truck waiting time. The control system at present are mostly relatively advanced and stability, the automatic degree is generally higher, all can automatic long time continuous production. In the control room of the operating platform and computer monitoring can vividly reflect the whole production process and every parts of the situation, such as cement silo cement reservior, aggregate bin in the aggregate reservior, aggregate carrier and concrete discharge wait for a circumstance, once a site problems can in the shortest possible time found, and resolved in good time.
3, DASION mixing plant are using industrial computer control, which can automatic control also can be manual operation, easy to operate. Dynamic panel display mixing plant of all parts of operation, at the same time can be stored mixing plant, all kinds of data, according to the requirements to print all kinds of report material, storage formula can reach more than tens. Room equipped with air conditioner can ensure electrical element durable, performance stable and reliable, and control system basically using two ways, one is double machine double control forms, namely system with two sets of high performance industrial computer, a as a master production systems, another one as a management and monitoring system and be master production machine backup machine, as the master machine system with manual and automatic function, control machine and management between machine data sharing, control machine malfunction can convert to management machine work, the maximum guarantee system for normal operation. Another kind USES industrial computer and batching control instrument composition, namely batching control instrument data input industrial computer, through the interface card or PLC programmable controller output executive signal, so as to ensure the normal operation of the system keeps. In the host discharge port, ingredients station, and other key parts can set up surveillance camera.
4, DASION concrete batching plant production capacity is higher current double parallel station and the emergence of many parallel station greatly enhance the customer, is also the concrete the company's production capacity, such as 2 units of 120 parallel station can put the concrete output increased to 600000 cubic meters, 3 table parallel station can increase to 800000 cubic meters or so, fundamentally solve the production capacity restriction most companies lack of further development.
5, high measuring accuracy, high measurement precision of concrete mixing station in four aspects, that is, aggregates, cement, water and admixture, including aggregate precision general control in? Within %, cement precision general control in? Within %, water precision general control in? Within %, admixture precision general control in? Within %. Aggregate measurement it is to use belt scale, weighing hopper to weigh, belt called the cumulative weighing, weighing hopper for single weighing or accumulated weighing. Cement and powder of weighing it is to use weighing hopper, when there is a variety of powder in accumulative total weigh or separate weighing. Water measurement usually have a volume type and weighing type two kinds of way, displacement and divided into time measurement method, quantitative water meter measurement mode, turbine flow meter measuring way; Weighing type is divided into since the fall drainage weighing device, pressurized water pump drainage weighing device and monolithic weigh tank structure; Admixture of weighing have positive displacement, quality type and pulse meter, etc.

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