Concrete Batching Plant Operators Post Responsibility Rules

2012-07-07 10:02:32

1. The equipment operation
1.1. Known as concrete mixer for safe operation, and the operators of equipment with the overhaul and maintenance.
1.2. Familiar with measuring operation panel, concrete mixer operation panel, aggregate concrete panel function, the function keys, instrument, warning of the corresponding mechanism, implement electrical appliances and its executive order.
1.3. Known as mixing dynamic dish, auxiliary engine move dish, aggregate power plate disk manual control key functions and the corresponding mechanical institutions, power appliances and its executive order.
1.4 each class prepared hand-over records, equipment maintenance and repair of records, relief of concrete supply will record to sign for the national and make record, machinery and equipment hand-over records retained for future reference.
2. Mixing building and related equipment repair and maintenance
2.1.Concrete mixer:
2.1.1. Lubricate: the shaft seal, the shaft bearing grease filling timing by the regulation, the simultaneous gears, power chain, dynamic main reducer, motor bearing each class check, according to the rules, timing charging or replace lubricating oil.
2.1.2. Machinery and other: each class concrete mixer at the shaft seal check the sealing of; Regular inspection simultaneous gears, power chain, dynamic main reducer, motor bearing state; Regular inspection of feeding door (including product hopper) and cylinder; Blade and the lining board tighten and wear; The feeding port and chute wear and stick with clear things; Camera, lighting equipment cleaning; Gas supply pipe, oil, and a cup of oil, the oil-water separator water discharge;
2.1.3. Concrete mixer filter: check the butterfly valve and concrete mixer dust the linkage of the situation; The initiative, the dust removal filter fan blower, vibration system can work state; Check for broken, vacuuming aspiration line pipe and cleaning up dust; Filter product of the accumulation of dust material and clean up
2.1.4. The finished product hopper: hopper stick within the cylinder, and gas pipeline things clean up oil cup check, the oil-water separator water filling emissions
2.1.5. Each of the door closed distribution box intact, clear the dust; Inventory cleaning tools and locked; Do well tool room, electric room environmental health
2.2. Weighing system:
Check gas cylinder, and leakage, oil, oil cup water separator and processing; Admixtures, water piping and measurement of feeding a mouth drip inspection and handling; Admixtures throttling slot open position stop check; The sensors and line inspection; Hopper dust-proof covers, soft receive, the arch of the inspection and handling device; Check without sundry and clear in the hopper; Meet admixtures barrel admixtures each class to clear
2.3. By material system:
2.3.1. Spin cloth feeder: check motor, deceleration machine run circumstance; Check the limit switch is flexible and reliability; Chute and the upper hopper status and stick with the clearing of things; Clean the motor and reducer a stop member on the dust; Maintain all lubricating points
2.3.2. High cement warehouse: warehouse body airtight and each storehouse of airtight between
2.3.3. Storage silo: check the cylinder and valve opening is normal; Gas supply pipeline check and troubleshooting, lubricating oil cylinder filling oil and water cup of emissions; Check valve cement wing movement situation; Check the water supply system of the leak check the protection board, set the breakage of the situation; Cleaning the dust distribution box
2.4. Mechanical room:
Is against 2.4.1. Check the air blower load, temperature rise, belt tensioning; Lubrication fan, feeder the shaft bearing; Check the fan, feeder gearbox lubricant oil level, according to the rules, filling or to change; Fan filter clean; Check the gate valve, cement storehouse powder conveying pipeline leak and clear whether; Check the pneumatic valve, electromagnetic valve flexible motion; Cleaning the power control plate; Clean motor chain guard on the dust and debris; The broken GongQi work situation
2.4.2. Air compressor: check air compressor have stalled over temperature or troubleshooting tips and deal with; Check the motor and the degree of belt; Regular cleaning air compressor empty filter; Regular inspection air compressor lubricant oil level; Each class discharge air storage, blotting oil-water separator, the condensed water
2.5. Material feeding system:
2.5.1. Aggregate conveying equipment: check belt running and interface situation; Check the material of a cylinder and doumen mouth open and close condition; Check belt roller run circumstance; Check the motor temperature operation, is normal; Check regularly drive roller oil level; Gas and oil airtight, a cup of oil and drainage; Check the flow sensor is normal; Each class clean up the reversing and a tight round sticky objects; Power lines and lighting conditions; Belt conveyor and the adjustment of the blow nose; In the adjustment of the belt sweeper; Checking driver screws and refueling screw roller positioning is loose; The sprinkler system work have abnormal; Station wear degree and hopper glued to the clearing of things; All lubricating points note oil
2.5.2. Motor, water pump operation situation; Water pipe valves the leak; Check the oil pump room liquid surface, low shall immediately add; Always check pool liquid surface, not in time complement; Check the working condition of well in water pump; The plum flower mat is in good condition
2.6. Admixtures equipment:
Pipe, valve of the leak; The pump running status admixture
3. Complete other work assigned by the company leadership of the task.

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