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Concrete mixer agile application and concrete industry

2013-01-17 17:33:17

 Concrete mixer widely used a lot of time, some concrete mixer users are very attention to chase the efficiency of the concrete mixer, but for a lot of friends for, whether we can truly understand to how to continuously improve efficiency? Obviously, many clients in this respect all don't understand. Of course, according to the previous case, let's the tao gave birth to have more than one share about the material performance requirements, today, let's again to our friends and users share the problems.

We all understand that Concrete Batching Plant, consists of a series of equipment composition. Concrete mixer in the running process of hou to use concrete and concrete floor paint on the function are in high demand. This is because for concrete mixer on the use of material is a very high demand. So using concrete demand has diversity, porous appearance and characteristics. And about the floor paint coating, and other unique process requirement is high, concrete mixer's flat paint demand have penetration resistance, alkali resistance, hardness and toughness and other aspects of using the advantage that will be used in the whole device is to use.
1, floor paint penetration. In the whole equipment in operation in order to make the floor paint can attach to the concrete appearance, coating is necessary to have penetration, and paint to concrete appearance penetration depth, so must to sure extension use time and strength.
2, floor paint suppleness and stretching. In order to habit concrete expansion volume change and unique setting, the necessary demand floor paint with good pliable degree, ductility and hardness. So when it is used in the process of floor paint suppleness and penetration relates in together, they can attack high adhesion and wear resistance.
3, the thickness of the coating to demand. The thickness of the demand is useful to improve the appearance of the concrete the roughness of the faults, the coating is necessary to have sure thickness. Can very good against the concrete short stress, can eliminate the useful in a shortened crack kill two birds with one stone.
The tao gave birth toconcrete mixer factory adhere to the scientific innovation, for concrete mixer equipment industry to make good grades, a good example, lead our country mixer industry on the peak of age.

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