Concrete Mixer Truck Working Principle

2012-09-15 09:09:52

Concrete mixer truck the composition and working principle
Its special mechanism mainly includes power takeoff, mixing barrel and support, deceleration machine, hydraulic system, mixing barrel, operating mechanism, cleaning system, etc. Its working principle: by take force device will automobile chassis power take out, and drive hydraulic system variable pump, the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy to quantitative motor, motor to drive reducer, the speed reducer drive mixing plant, the concrete mixing.
1, take force device
Domestic concrete mixer truck using principal car engine take force mode. Take force device is used through the control take force switch will take out of engine power, the hydraulic system driver mixing barrel, beater cylinder in the feed and transportation process Chiang kai-shek to rotation, in order to feed and the concrete mixing, in discharge when reverse rotation, in the work after the conclusion of cutting and the power of the engine connection.
2, hydraulic system
The power takeoff out of the engine power, into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), then through motor output for mechanical energy (speed and torque), for mixing drum rotational provide power.
3, mixing plant
Concrete mixer truck mixing device is mainly comprised of mixing barrel and its auxiliary support components. Mixing drum is the concrete containers, it is made by the high quality wear thin steel plate, in order to be able to automatic loading and unloading concrete, its internal welding with special shape of the helical blade. Turns concrete along the blade spiral direction, in the unceasing promotion and in the process of turning by mixing and stirring. In the feed and transportation process, the mixing barrel is turn, concrete to along the blade in sports, discharge, mixing barrel reversal, concrete along the blade to external discharge. Mixing barrel rotation is by hydraulic drive to ensure that. Load for 3 ~ 6 cubic concrete mixer truck generally used by the car engine through the power output shaft drive hydraulic pump, again by high pressure oil promote hydraulic motor drive mixing barrel, loading capacity for 9 ~ 12 cubic the car auxiliary diesel engine drive hydraulic pump drive hydraulic motor. The blade is mixing plant, the main components, damaged or badly worn and can lead to concrete mixing uneven. In addition, the blade Angle if the design is not reasonable, still can make concrete appear isolated.
4, cleaning system
Cleaning system is mainly used to clean mixing barrel, sometimes also used in transit for dry mixing. Cleaning system of hydraulic system on cooling effect.

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