Concrete Mixer Truck Introduction And Operation

2012-09-15 09:07:08

Concrete mixer truck is to use the default of power driven air compressors, compressed air will by the pipe into the seal at the bottom of the chamber on room liquid fluidized bed on the powder body suspension into flow state form, when tank pressure to achieve rating, open the discharge valve, flow change material through the pipe flow and transport.
Concrete mixer truck users operate guidebook description
1, driving bulk concrete mixer truck when speeding, overpressure operation can damage the air compressor.
2, medicine slowly growth or reduction of air compressor, or quick start and stop suddenly brings impact pressure can damage the air compressor.
3, don't change easily air compressor rotation direction, or oil pump can't oil will seriously damage the machine.
4, not in relief before suddenly stop air compressor, or powder material may return into the cylinder and may damage the air compressor.
5, or regular check oil pump oil supply is normal, or you will make for lack of oil will and damage of the air compressor's mistake.
6, to the due to the replacement of lubricants, in order to ensure the machine to use degree. Ban different type of lubricating oil combination can cause metamorphism, affects the lubrication effect.
7, each work 30 hours maintain a clean air filter, maintenance five times, please replace the new filter. Must not oil or water cleaning filter.
Concrete mixer truck, before and after the air chamber set one root intake pipe, through the ball valve can be realized respectively at the same time open and single control function. Piping system principle of work is as follows: work power from automobile gearbox in derivation, through the gear drive air compressor, the compressed air of the control line into the gas is indoor, make tank powder material produce fluidized phenomenon.

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