Concrete Mixer Truck Barrel

2012-10-15 11:28:28

 In the Concrete Mixer loading, Concrete Mixer truck barrel may malfunction, the following will introduce Concrete Mixer truck barrel of malfunctioning of the method of first aid
1, should be quickly will mix in the cylinder concrete discharge, first of all judgment is engine or plunger pump malfunction or motor or reducer malfunction.
If it is engine or plunger pump malfunction, motor or reducer can be normal use, please connect emergency drive hose (two car pump and motor the same), rely on other mixing the power of the car, drive mixing drum rotating and concrete discharge.
Specific operation steps:
(1) ready to three root emergency drive hose, remove over and joint cover.

(2) will mixer truck engine flameout, will tighten nut (or so each have a) toward the left unscrew, again will knob to the right rotation, until can't spin so far. After high pressure hose from motor layup discharged, will emergency drive hose to motor joint, emergency drive of the hose over and GuZhangChe laid up high pressure hose connect, to prevent oil from leaking.

(3) rescue vehicle (drive car) operation
Will be operating handle as for neutral position, the engine flameout, the high pressure hose from high pressure tubing place off, will emergency drive hose to high pressure oil pipe, use emergency drive of the hose joint cover will drive car of high pressure hose built, to prevent oil from leaking.

(4) start rescue vehicle engine.

[5] will rescue vehicle operation handle dial the to "discharge" position, make the fault the concrete discharge.

[6] emergency drive finished, make the two car respective restorable.

Note: motor or reducer is at fault, then you cannot use this method. If motor or reducer is at fault please open the mixing drum maintenance hole hole cover, the concrete from mixed drum maintenance hole out as soon as possible.
This is the concrete mixer truck barrel of malfunctioning of the solution.

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