Concrete Mixer Lubrication

2012-11-16 09:20:13

 Concrete mixer as concrete batching plant and stabilized soil mixing station core equipment, it is a lot of more phyletic, can be divided into strong system concrete mixer, concrete mixer drum. Concrete mixer is the cement, sand aggregate mixed with water and mixed into concrete machinery, in order to ensure the reliability of the machine work, reduce the wear and tear of the machine parts and power loss, it shall promptly make various concrete mixer lubrication work. Especially hydraulic concrete mixer, namely roller concrete mixer and ladder stand mixer.

The lubrication of work to according to the following tips:
1, concrete mixer reducer gear and bearing is the use of gear rotary will oil splash to housing wall, into the bearing of the lubrication. Reduction gearbox oil surface should be held in oil scale two ruling between advisable. Oil level too high or too low will result in each temperature or bad lubrication, increase power loss and cause the machine to work bad. Xinji started to use first 150 hours and 300 hours respectively to replace oil once, to get rid of the test run not completely washed up dirt. Work, often should check the oil level, shortage should be timely replenish.
2, who exposed to need to adjust parts and running fit position often should maintain a lubricating oil. But brake band parts shall not defile oil stain and water, so as not to affect the braking effect.
3, motor lubrication by motor instructions.

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