Concrete mixer in the course of some skills

2013-01-23 10:01:00

Concrete mixer use process encountered some sudden shutdown, sometimes is not necessarily the equipment problems, but because some parts of the little things, as long as the restart you can then good. If you shut down and heavy machine or the same problem, it would need to find a professional concrete batching machine maintenance personnel to adjust them.

1. measured when operating concrete mixers boot, said bucket is empty bucket, the monitor must be 0 If you do not show 0, then press the clear key digital elimination
2.Sometimes concrete mixer device running slow or not run, much of this happens, then you can turn off the power and reboot using
3.Hopper weighing must ensure that no material clogging the channel, if there is congestion, we'll simply have to clean up.
4 power first dosing process to take the initiative to drop marking procedures. The the marking achievements ingredients, active marking each material is divided into two sections ingredients to reach themeasurement needs.
5.Environmental Health. Promptly clean up the scene of the concrete mixer equipment to ensure the site clean and to ensure that the line is not collision other things.
Technical staff in some concrete mixer manufacturers also remind you to master some of the most basic common sense and use of the technique is also very necessary concrete mixer.

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