Concrete mixer drive part repair how

2013-02-02 10:56:31

Concrete mixer drive role is to generate the power to drive all kinds of material in the tank mixing, it consists of power takeoff, universal shaft, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, control valve, hydraulic tank and cooling devices. Concrete mixer  drive is reliable is to use this part must be fruit because of failure to stop working, and concrete tank will not be able to turn, which attach great importance to the issue. To ensure the cement mixer drive sound and reliable, should do the following maintenance:

1. Universal rotating part is fault multiple site, should be on time filling grease, and often check wear, timely repair replacement. The team should have spare universal shaft assembly, to ensure that once the failure in a few minutes to return to work.
2. Ensure that the hydraulic oil clean. Concrete mixer truck working conditions, must prevent sewage sediment into the hydraulic system. Hydraulic oil according to use manual change regularly. Once the inspection found that the hydraulic oil mix water and sediment, will immediately stop cleaning the hydraulic system, change the hydraulic oil.
3. Ensure that the hydraulic oil cooling unit effectively. To regularly cleaned and hydraulic oil radiator, avoid radiator is cement plugging, check the radiator electric fan operation is normal or not, to prevent the hydraulic oil temperature overweight.
In a word, completes the concrete batching plant and inspection work is there are many good, JHNCC machinery company staff warm remind affordable mixer price make you happy, the high quality service allows you to rest assured: the concrete batching plant and completes the maintenance and inspection to ensure the future production has great significance.

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