Concrete mixer mode of operation to determine the operation process

2013-02-05 10:26:05


Concrete mixer booming today we can from each concrete batching plant manufacturers see different types and kinds of concrete mixer. And according to the concrete mixer operation with the present market of common concrete mixer can press operation mode and mixing way simple classification. And by the user is hot holds the concrete mixer have strong system, horizontal, vertical, horizontal spindle, single and double shaft and so on specifications
The following specific introduce you to the concrete mixer work two different operation mode difference:
Concrete mixer in a circular operation, concrete mixer feed, stirring, discharge three process is according to certain time interval of the cycle. Because mix all kinds of material have been accurate weighing the mixing of good quality. At present most of the cement concrete mixer using this type of operation mode.
According to the continuous concrete mixer, concrete mixer feed, stirring, discharge three process is a continuation of the cylinder body. Continuous cement concrete mixer productivity more cycle operation type high. But as a result of mixing time difficult to control led to poor quality of mixing, use less.
Concrete mixer manufacturers of technical personnel remind you no matter in accordance with the above concrete mixer is what kind of operation mode, staff must be according to the normal concrete mixer operation process, to ensure that the concrete mixer use safety and quality of concrete.

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