Concrete Mixer And Construction Machinery Will Still Maintain a High Growth

2012-08-20 09:56:38

Construction machinery, including concrete mixer, mechanical equipment in the short term remain 20% of high growth rate.
International engineering machinery giant experience valuation center is 15 times PE and 1 times PS, the corresponding 10% of growth and 6% of net interest rate level, we think that our country engineering machinery can reference the valuation levels, but should be considered growth and profit level of difference.
China construction machinery industry growth in the short term (3 years) will still remain more than 20% of the high growth, in the long term (10 years) growth down to 10-20% is a big probability event, and industry leading is because of the increase of concentration of enjoy higher than the growth of the industry; For far higher than international colleague's profit level, we think that in 2015 years ago because low human cost factor will still maintain a high level, but after decline.
So we came to the conclusion that: firmly grasp 15 times PE, 2 times PS valuation center, choice product comprehensive strong, core parts have breakthrough, dealers layout perfect company for mark, short-term share price fluctuation is the operation of the good opportunity, should seize the opportunity, keep concrete mixer and construction machinery industry good development.

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