Concrete Machinery Industry Future Existence Crisis

2012-12-19 10:48:57

 Concrete machinery to concrete mixing machinery is given priority to, in addition to concrete conveying machinery, concrete transport machinery, concrete storage machinery, etc. Concrete mixing machinery is the main concrete production machinery and equipment, including force concrete mixer, the ladder type concrete mixer, roller concrete mixer, since the fall type concrete mixer. Concrete conveying machinery, including raw material conveying machine oil belt conveyor, screw conveyor, finished concrete conveying machinery have concrete pump, pump, drag pump, etc. Concrete transport machinery have concrete mixing tank car, concrete truck. Concrete storage equipment have bulk cement warehouse, bulk cement tank, storage material tank. Concrete machinery comprehensive up called concrete batching plant, including commodity concrete batching plant, mortar batching plant, dry mix batching plant, engineering concrete batching plant, cement mixing plant.
Concrete mechanical imply the crisis need to be vigilant
First of all, engineering machinery, especially the development of concrete machinery, the main benefit from state investment and policy pull. Due to the low cost expansion, concrete machinery industry in China with only twenty years is done abroad hundreds of years of development history. But at present, the country has begun to gradually change the simple relying on government investment to stimulate economic development pattern. At the same time, concrete machinery industry is closely related with the development of the cement, iron and steel industries belong to high resource consumption, high energy consumption, high pollution industry, sustainable development has been restricted. Before the zap role will sell at a discount greatly.
Secondly, the current concrete machinery industry with a view to 2015, because of a large number of active products have complete depreciation, the need for renewal and pump truck years demand for 30000, mixing car 100000 vehicles. The development of foreign capital heyday, the concrete batching plant quantities for 10000 seat (including 25 m3 / h mobile), Germany for more than 3000 seats, Japan more than 4000 seats, while in China in recent ten years including 25 m3 / h, mixing floor (station) has reached more than 50000 seats. Especially in 4 trillion investment pull and zero down payment, low down and other bad promotion mode, tempted by a number of users excessive consumption caused the market false prosperity, let everybody to market prospect produced a miscarriage of justice, which eventually led to the enterprise capital chain appear serious fault section. Therefore, by 2015, even if the batching plant in operation for over ten years, pump car use five years, the rate of depreciation will not achieve the above forecast. Besides, in recent years, the commercial concrete machinery utilization rate of less than 65%, so this kind of prediction based on lack of investigation.
Third, overcapacity will cause disorderly market competition. If the current concrete machinery industry is a situation of tripartite confrontation than spring and autumn and the warring states: big enterprise seek hegemony, small business is crowded, the enterprise to preserve our sanity. Each enterprise in order to take out a series of market including zero down payment, the bad promotion and propaganda policy, seriously disturbed the market and orderly development.
Finally, although our country's concrete mechanical product performance, quality has reached the advanced world or leading level, but the key parts are based almost entirely, foreign pricing, legal norms right at any time can restrict the development of China's concrete machinery. At the same time, the changeable international situation will also have a profound effect on the development of the industry. As the company's top decision makers, have to consider these problems.

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