oncrete feeding sequence and mixing time on the influence of the quality

2013-01-17 17:38:21

 Use our hydraulic mixer friends are very familiar with the technical personnel, the most concrete and played for many years, but the concrete mixing dealt the feeding sequence and stirring time also have greatly exquisite, I am afraid many people still don't know? Today's word for everybody with summary answer this question.

The first is the concrete mixer feeding order: normally, now the site of the stirring not so strict, as long as you are not first put cement is ok. The general is first put part of the sand, then add cement, and then put the rest of the aggregate the most reasonable, the most easy to stir well! This is the veteran experience, because such a stir the material more even point.
But you know not to know the mixer different feeding of time also is to have cultured, in construction site, the concrete in the mixing of loading sequence can be divided into a feeding method, secondary feeding method and cement wrapped sand method:
Speak thus I'm afraid everyone see, another is the concrete mixing time, this is according to the mixer different mixing time is different also, in the ordinary circumstances forced mixer mixing time a little short point, common mixer time slightly long point, according to the different material, temperature, stirring time in 1 ~ 3 minutes, if have add batch agent words mixing time will be slightly short point.
Now many people work is used to the old things, but with the development of society, the relevant standards is also in constant perfect, we only by constantly learning, can the with the pace of The Times, such as concrete emptying standards and stirring time standard, and past is not too, master these can produce more standard more qualified concrete finished material!

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