Concrete Enterprise Facing Dilemma Choice

2012-08-18 10:16:32

According to the relevant materials showed that country macroeconomic policy adjustment, emphasizing the structure sex and maneuverability, to ensure that WenZhongQiuJin. Let's now faces the situation is, the first half of the year, the construction unit is still widely insufficient funds. At the same time, in 2012 the local government servicing period arrival, local finance will further increase the pressure, cause local financing platform danger and space government financing ability is insufficient. Our local government completed the livelihood of the people project plan, purpose beyond doubt, but shall estimate developers to realize infrastructure projects and government to complete security room engineering, request enterprise mat endowment will increase the proportion of. Because the end of 2011, construction industry and the real estate industry capital very moderate, big local not according to contract payment proportion of concrete material. So, the concrete enterprise sustained for construction engineering mat endowment ability significant shortage. In the face of the many year switch through and new construction project, the enterprise or stop for labor, or through the bank and folk credit financing, inheritance mat endowment feed. But Banks and folk credit cost increasing, give concrete enterprise reinvest form grand pressure, so the concrete enterprise facing dilemma choice. Concrete batching plant manufacturers, Henan DASION Mechanical Installation Co., Ltd remind concrete customers, must do emergency measures.

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