Concrete Batching Plant Technical Analysis

2012-07-07 10:15:30

Concrete batching plant scale and determination of the class
1. Stand: the scale of: has the ability of the investment customer, in the scale of investment decision before, of course, to do market research work. If the construction sector use: should according to construction ability, concrete dosage, decided to equipment procurement mixing station production capacity. Such as road or small (a years time limit) contract projects, the general selection mixing console capacity for 1 m3 to 1.5 m3 (namely productivity 50 m3 / h to 90 m3 / h); Concrete products: according to local economic development conditions, is expected to the jurisdiction of the market demand and investment capacity of concrete, concrete batching plant to the size of the goods, the general selection mixing console capacity of 1.5 m3.
2. Stand grades of sure: the customer to fully understand the domestic industry building manufacturer's product quality, service ability, price and other factors, through the market research, to inspect the production enterprise processing, quality assurance ability; The tender will be held, the form such as selected for selected last complete sets of equipment manufacturers, select high-quality products.
The cost of electric control system, is also the important factors of the station to class. A production enterprise, have control automation degree of different control system for guest and choice.
Concrete batching plant site selection
If you can make full use of the hillside topography, on the high slope yard ground plane, can reduce the burden of the machine on feed height, loader loading when it could climb slope or not climbing; Or can greatly shorten the length of the belt conveyor, and can not only save purchasing and production cost, and can improve equipment production ability.
Choose hail, equipment installation position to pay attention to avoid the ground and underground cable, power supply or communication cable; From the stone, sand LiaoChang distance to nearly; Water supply; As far as possible from residential areas, etc.
The determination of reasonable device configuration
Concrete batching plant form of choice: such as the wide, from sand aggregate transmission mode, choose the little inclination priority (18 °) flat belt conveyor form machine; If the area is restricted, can consider large dip Angle (general 40 ° to 50 °) raised edge conveyor, also can choose ascend hopper form (general 60 ° to 70 °); But in the sand wet environment, have raised edge Angle belt conveyor adhering sand shortcomings, belt return, below the belt into sand phenomenon more serious, want to consider the ratio in concrete utilization coefficient of sand.

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