Concrete Batching Plants Composition With Which Aspects

2012-10-17 10:08:22

 We produce of Concrete Batching Plants is divided into medium Concrete Batching Plants, small Concrete Batching Plants. Taihua machinery remind want to buy Concrete Batching Plants users understand Concrete Batching Plants is made of which a few department before Concrete Batching Plants to the structure understand somewhat. In this way you buy Concrete Batching Plants after equipment can be very easily be its installation and use.
Concrete Batching Plants structure analysis:
1, the ingredients
2, mixing
3, electrical control system and other departments of automatic concrete mix into sets of equipment (and is equipped with a separate manual control, automatic fall compensation, sand moisture content compensation, etc.)
Concrete Batching Plants is made of which a few department?
1. Mixing console
Mixing console according to the mixing mode is divided into forced mixing and the fall type mixing. Forced mixer is the mixing plant at home and abroad to use mainstream, it can mixing activity, half harsh and harsh and so on the many kinds of concrete. Since the fall type mixing console main mixing activity concrete, at present in the mixing plant are rarely used.

Forced mixer in the form of the structure is divided into spindle planetary mixer, single lie shaft mixer and double shaft mixer. And especially the dual-axial mixer comprehensive use function best.
2. Materials weighing system
Material weighing system is affect the concrete quality and concrete produce capital hub parts, mainly divided into aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing three departments. Usually, each hour 20 cubic meters below the mixing plant using superposition weighing way, namely aggregate (sand, stone) with a balance, cement and fly ash with a scale, water and liquid admixture were weighing, and then the liquid admixture in water says bucket inside premixed. And in 50 cubic meters per hour above mixing plant in, use more the said material independent weighing way, all weighing use electronic scale and microcomputer control. Aggregate weighing precision 2% or less, cement, powder, water and admixture of weighing precision reaches 1% or less.
3. Material conveying system
Conveying is composed of three departments to be composed. Aggregate transfer; At present mixing plant conveying a bucket conveyor and belt conveyor in two ways. Hopper promotion strengths is cover an area of an area small, simple structure. Belt conveyor strengths is conveying interval, high efficiency, low failure rate. Belt conveyor main joint for aggregate temporary storage of the mixing plant, thus progress mixing plant yield rate. Powder conveying; Concrete usable powder is mainly cement, fly ash and mineral powder. The current widespread use of the powder conveying way is screw conveyer conveying, large mixing floor have use pneumatic conveying and scraper conveying. Screw conveying the merits of simple structure, low capital and reliable operation. Liquid transfer refers to water and liquid admixture, they are respectively by pump delivery.
4. Material storage system
Concrete available material storage basically the same way. Aggregate open stacked (also have large commodity city Concrete Batching Plants use blockade bin); Powder with all blockade steel structure silo storage; Admixture steel structure container storage.
5. Control system
Mixing plant control system is a complete set of equipment in the central nerve. Control system according to different users to beg to surrender the size of the mixing plant and have different functions and configuration, usually construction site available small mixing plant control system simple some, and large mixing plant system some relatively complicated.

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