Concrete Batching Plant Work Principle And Structure

2012-12-20 14:21:00

 In the concrete batching plant to control at the same time must also concrete batching plant for the working principle and composition have understanding and brace grip, in control concrete batching plant will also be more to fit in and security, this also is each concrete batching plant work staff must know; In concrete batching plant today about the working principle of before, we first to concrete batch plant have simple understanding;
Concrete mixing equipment is of all kinds of raw materials of concrete will be a certain proportion of ingredients, and then according to certain technology to mix and stir, finally produce certain function of concrete equipment.
Is all kinds of company which produce concrete batching plant detailed form varied, but the basic form and structure are similar. Popular now batching plant is basically a computer as control core, control various material automatic batching, automatic promotion, stirring and discharge, some and data statistics, report printing auxiliary function.
From the function points, all kinds of concrete batching plant is composed of several departments:
1, surge bin: storage sand, stone, cement, water, and materials to the batching mechanism feed;
2, batching mechanism: according to certain proportion measurement sand and so on material, mainly by all sorts of scale composition, are also used as measured by volume flow measurement equipment;
3, promotion mechanism: mainly used for promotion sand aggregate;
4, mixer: all kinds of raw materials mixing, finally forms concrete;
5, control system, control each department coordination, the completion of a specific amount of produce process.

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