Concrete batching plant strength test method

2013-02-21 10:38:39


Concrete batching plant efficiency, is often a let a person headache topic, below dasion introduce you several testing product strength method.
For concrete batching plant produced products strength, we only through the test can come to the conclusion that the test specimens respectively on size, shape, surface state, moisture content and the loading speed of specific experimental! Please look below test results!
Determination of concrete works cube compressive strength, can also according to the size of coarse aggregate limiting grain size and choose different sample size. But the sample size is different, different shapes, it will affect the specimen compressive strength test results. Because concrete specimen in the press pressure, the loading direction along the longitudinal deformation occurred at the same time, also according to the poisson's ratio effect produce lateral expansion. And steel clamp of the lateral expansion is concrete is small, so the pressure plate and concrete batching plant specimen pressure surface formation frictional force, the specimen of the lateral expansion plays a constraint function, this kind of constraint function called "hoop effect". "Hoop effect" on the compressive strength of the concrete mixer improvements. The farther away from the pressure plate, "hoop effect" small, in the distance test pressure surface about 0.866 α (α for specimen side length) off limits the effect disappeared.
Concrete batching plant compression failure in strength test, the sample size is larger, the strength of the measured value is lower.

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