Concrete batching plant site of scale analysis

2013-02-25 10:52:20
A site, land use scale
In considering built concrete batching plant scale and product solutions, fully consider the field capacity, the adaptability and development for the future with the needs of the development space. Concrete batching plant site size should be not less than 30 mu, the batching plant production area and living area is divided into two independent regional arrangement.
The whole site production area and living areas of hydrological, geological conditions should be good, foundation strong endurance, no fault, landslide, silt soft soil the geological structure, the whole site should not be rainy season scour and other natural phenomena affected or increase the cost. The batching plant should be in water transportation developed river edge, and the surrounding residents less, so batching plant production from the surrounding environment restriction, considering the overall planning and environmental protection request limits, all building height of not more than two layer.
Second, the scale of production equipment
The scale of the production equipment than the scale in the selected equipment scale in consideration of the suitability of equipment, equipment production capacity, equipment production capacity utilization, market share, market demand, market competitiveness and comprehensive cost minimum. And the wuxi existing concrete mixer equipment are compared argument, both in the equipment than other batching plant have an advantage, keep in the same industry in viscera or so time is not backward, at the same time to make the operation and maintenance cost is low, and leave space for development.

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