Concrete batching plant products quality and the relationship between the parts

2013-01-17 17:58:02

  The application of concrete batching plant is very wide, basically useful to cement place will have its useful, however, many people for concrete quality stand or fall points not clear, not to mention the quality of concrete batching plant.The main component of concrete mixer before we have been introduced, so as long as this a few big part no quality problem, so the concrete mixer,The station was not too big quality problem.

1. If mixer from falling type churn the discharging mouth ring diameter Bob not more than 1% of the inlet diameter, you should pay attention to the mixer's vibration
Screen mesh of steel quality and screen mesh and the reasonable size and screen installation accuracy;
2. Drive system operation to agile, no abnormal sound;
3. Belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever pull shovel and drive to smooth, running to agile, brake can be high, there is no abnormal noise, no Card chain;
4. Metering system is also very important, should pay attention to the sensitivity and accuracy of metering system;
5. Reducer ascending temperature to achieve qualified the temperature;
6. Weighing hopper in and out of stock to smooth, does not appear product material, flash wait for a phenomenon,
7. The relief valve cannot be leak phenomenon;
8. Cement tank quality qualified;
9. Supporting wiring to reasonable, equipment installation to precision.

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