Concrete Batching Plant Of The Weighing System Maintenance

2012-08-14 09:58:31

To ensure that the aggregate measurement precision, aggregate says must be every month calibration once, this is concrete batching plant maintenance of the first link
To ensure measurement precision of powder, powder measurement says must be every month a correction. Also should notice the following matters:
2.1 powder and screw conveyor and powder says and mixing console link should use soft strong canvas set or rubber.
2.2 powder says between host and the ventilation tube should maintain them.
2.3 the installation of the sensor must be correct.
2.4 unloading butterfly valve should be cleaned regularly. After a period of use, butterfly valve and the fluctuation interface may be factors such as moisture agglomerate, serious when make butterfly valve can't open or close lax, and the influence caused by leakage materials measurement.
Three, to ensure measurement precision of liquid, water, and admixture of says every month a correction must be, still should notice the following matters:
3.1 admixtures with the discharge pipes says connection soft rubber should be adopted, in order to avoid the concrete batching plant be scratched.
3.2 the installation of the sensor must be correct.
3.3 discharge water butterfly valve and check valve should be discharged admixtures every day, in case the leak and affect measurement.
3.4 admixtures leaky processing said. After a period of use, the rubber ball valve extrusion, cause cylinder trip not enough to press the rubber ball valve, this time can be adjusted cylinder of push rod length, in order to achieve reasonable compaction force. If the rubber ball valve extrusion serious, is damaged, can tear down the bottom flange, remove the rubber ball valve to replace, and then recover, and readjust the compaction force.
Do these, concrete batching plant can better protected, improve work efficiency and quality.

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