Concrete Batching Plant Market Adjustment

2012-08-06 09:36:58

In the present concrete batching plant industry setting, a noteworthy trend is the industrial chain of vertical integration. In addition to concrete batching plant game developers into concrete batching plant equipment manufacturing domain outside, engineering enterprise also begin to enter concrete batching plant development fields. Recently, engineering machinery also officially into concrete batching plant development fields. Engineering machinery holding the company set the concrete batching plant of each industry chain, from the upstream of the manufacturing enterprise of the station, the middle reaches of the concrete batching plant developers, to the lower reaches of engineering, industrial chain very complete, clear, and forming a strong squad competition of the "people".
"At present, concrete batching plant industry is in depth in different stages of the station, as a result of each enterprise orders are not very optimistic, set the industry chain of new company's advantage lies in the project, and have discourse project will promote the circulation of the station, have related to inventory of role." A concrete batching plant industry insiders said. "if there are company within the system, although can digest reduce the cost, but for the whole concrete batching plant industry is likely to cause adverse effect, especially to join the project consortium, the existing concrete batching plant industry pattern might again shuffle."
Increased competition, market atrophy, performance down... China's concrete batching plant industry in the development of the problem of follow, each for concrete batching plant equipment manufacturers for, engineering and concrete batching plant game developers had the policy pressure will also transmitted to equipment manufacturers body, and the involvement of the downstream enterprises also further squeezed the equipment manufacturer living space.
Facing the test of winter, some inadequate enterprise has stood in the edge of survival, and the strength of the enterprise is in succession in the adjustment of the weak choice strategy, in order to adapt to the changes in the external environment from. To sinovel concrete batching plant as an example, the company will take some of the industry to adapt to the structural measures, such as personnel for the cost of the fundamental optimization optimization; Improve the benefit of investment; In the international market, development sales the means, get your orders, and not to any high risk project investment. Sea and overseas andconcrete batching plant off for the future development of the important growth point.

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