Air entraining agent in concrete batching plant in the important role

2013-03-06 10:54:37
Air entraining agent is to point to can make the material in the concrete batching plant ingredients process into a large number of small, closed and stable bubble admixture.
Construction concrete admixture can not only improve the physical and mechanical performance of concrete, improving project quality and save cement, save energy, shorten the construction period, improve the construction condition, meet the special need of concrete technology. At the same time, also has less investment, quick effect, obvious technical and economic benefits, social benefits and outstanding characteristics. According to different technical requirements, the use of different types of additive can get different economic benefit.
In the concrete batching plant in frigid zone agent can improve the durability of concrete and the rheological properties of fresh concrete, Regulation concrete condensation hardening properties and gas content; For concrete to provide special performance.
Concrete mixed with air entraining water reducing agent
1, make the concrete fine bubble uniform distribution in order to improve the anti-freeze and anti-permeability ability;
2, because of its dispersion effect and bring water reducing effect. Therefore, not only can improve the workability of fresh concrete, and can improve the durability of concrete.

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