Concrete Batching Plant Dust Cleaning Mode

2012-09-10 10:45:14

The general concrete batching plant work process is: aggregate by ingredients station aggregate bin discharging door discharge into the aggregate weighing hopper in the measurement, and good to discharge after running flat belt, in which the flat belt to the inclined belt, inclined belt machine transported to the mixer upper stay hopper waiting for instructions, at the same time, such as cement and fly ash by screw conveyer conveying to their respective weighing hopper in the measurement. All kinds of material after the measurement, the control system instruction began to progressive feeding to blender mixing, mixing, after the completion of the discharging door open mixer, concrete mixing station by discharging hopper of the mixing truck, then into the next work cycle.
Mixing plant material conveying system
Mainly includes aggregate carrier and powder material conveying.
Aggregate transfer often USES belt conveyor or ascend bucket.
Cement and admixture conveyor often USES screw conveyor.
Suitable for conveying loose density of 0.5 t/m3 ~ 2.5 t/m3 various granular, powder and simple material, also may transport the into items.

Mixing plant dust removal system - box, cloth bag, strong system
Box type dust - manufacture and maintenance costs low, dust removal effect general
Cloth bag dust - manufacture and maintenance costs than box, dust removal effect is better than box type dust removal effect
Strong type dust - to use strong system dust machine, high cost, the effect is best; General and cloth bag dust joint use. Use force dust removal easy to generate differential pressure, the influence measuring accuracy; Using negative pressure valve, and to reduce the influence of measurement.

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