Concrete Batching Plant Of The Dangers Of Waste

2012-08-06 09:44:16

Along with the wide application of commercial concrete, cement concrete batching plant in production concrete products at the same time, have a lot of waste residues, waste water. Since there is no master abandoned concrete recycling technology, and its considerable sex, cleaning emissions down a huge waste of concrete, already wasted precious resources, and serious environmental pollution. In mineral water resources and growing tension, more and more the importance of environmental protection today, residual concrete pollution to the environment problem already appear especially prominent. These can't handle resource waste, if to recycling, the resources, reproduce and wide prospect of market, benefits the country and the people.
According to authoritative organization research, environmental pollution will become the biggest restricting China's future development. China waste water discharge amount has increased the trend. Because of the pollutants any emissions, China's rivers lake waters have common library by different levels of pollution, except some inland rivers and large reservoir outside, pollution is aggravating trend, developed the town water pollution is very outstanding. If cannot effectively control environmental bills, the problem of water pollution will affect the sustainable development of China's future.
At the same time, the solid waste and still cannot be ignored. China's comprehensive utilization of solid waste, disposal rate is low, most just open piled up, making the industrial solid wastes emissions was higher in the processing power and comprehensive utilization of the range of the increased, not only take up a lot of land, the national about 1/5 of cultivated land by the different levels of pollution; And so near stacking area of surface water and groundwater suffered serious pollution. With the process of urbanization, solid waste and phenomenon is more serious
Of the above situation can see, protect the environment and save energy is not only of national macro policy, the policy, laws demand, is also the enterprise to the obligations of the social consciousness. For concrete batching plant of the manufacturer of the requirement, not only produce concrete mixing equipment, more should have relevant tail and waste residue treatment equipment. One is to enhance the utilization ratio of raw material, 2 it is to strengthen the consciousness of environmental protection. And coagulation mixing equipment users, but also to the conscious to make pollution prevention measures.

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