Concrete Batching Plant Aggregate Batching System

2012-09-25 09:22:42

Concrete batching plant aggregate batching system is by the aggregate surge bin, weighing hopper and belt unit into. Have to bin type ingredients and the ground type ingredients. To these two kinds of batching system under the detailed introduction:
A, bin type ingredients
To bin type ingredients including aggregate surge bin, aggregate hopper, aggregate weighing hopper and conveying flat belt. To bin type ingredients of surge bin is the concrete structure, aggregate hopper of the three sides have concrete wall, the user can according to need to decide the height of the concrete wall, loader feeding side of task not concrete wall, also have users in the loader on one side of the material and concrete wall, but wall height should not exceed loader feeding height. Aggregate weighing hopper and conveying flat belt are installed in concrete structure land within the warehouse.
Advantages: aggregate weighing hopper and conveying flat belt are installed in concrete structure land within the warehouse, winter construction can play a role of insulation. And the heat preservation measures implemented.
Faults: aggregate surge bin capacity by aggregate hopper flowing size limit, if the aggregate hopper flowing of small size, aggregate surge bin in the dead Angle increases, virtually reduced the surge bin's volume.
Second, the ground type ingredients
The ground type ingredients including aggregate surge bin, aggregate weighing hopper and conveying flat belt. The measurement form points single weighing hopper measurement and belt scale measurement. Single weighing hopper measurement is each aggregate measured, respectively discharge, the flat belt is often turn state. Belt scale measurement is all sorts of aggregate cumulative measurement, discharge activate a flat belt. Users can according to the site and equipment erection site geographical situation, choose the whole earth type or half the ground type configuration. Aggregate surge bin the whole earth type configuration should be in the aggregate surge bin feeding side do feeding platform, to meet the loader feeding height. Aggregate surge bin half the ground type configuration can aggregate surge bin sink to the ground, the ground part of the feeding side of the highly direct meet loader feeding height, or aggregate surge bin part underground, part of the earth, and the earth more than load on the feed height do feeding platform. Such machinery and equipment design and construction are two aspects of give attention to two or morethings.
Advantages: single weighing hopper measurement can simultaneously measure, can shorten the time of ingredients, reducing measuring error, and at the same time can from control indoor clear grasp each material ingredients situation. For single weighing hopper measurement good material in order discharge, and flat belt often turn, no loading start, so flat belt electric drum power is relatively small, can effectively for the users to save energy.
Faults: belt scale measurement for weighing hopper peace belt is an organic whole repeatedly with four sensor hanging, measurement process balance body easy sloshing, affect measuring accuracy. At the same time belt scale of flat belt loading start, flat belt electric drum power is relatively large, and frequent startup, the influence of the electric drum, the service life of the belt scale type aggregate batching system in commercial concrete mixing equipment do not often use.

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