Concrete Batching Plant Warehouse Top Roof Caving Accidents

2012-08-04 08:44:41

Concrete batching plant management control links, including raw materials, with party design and control, than the production, transportation and control of process, delivery inspection sampling inspection and other aspects. At present, many commodities concrete batching plant managers in the professional knowledge and quality consciousness weak concept, to concrete, the industry and the concrete products don't have enough knowledge and understanding, and the equipment selection professional configuration is not high meter not accurate, don't even any inspection, some even than volume measurement. To the modern computer office means not know, the concrete production shall be deemed as traditional, simple, general construction materials, the simple pursue interests, not seriously implement the standards, deception, to the charged up, eventually leading to the quality of concrete cannot assure the engineering quality accidents.
Solve cement warehouse precipitator roof caving accidents several measures. Concrete products in the construction industry in recent years to promote the use of extensive, overcome traditional scene of stirring dust and noise pollution, especially high scientific and technological content of the station a few large manufacturers, are more attention to environmental protection, most of the dust removal effect good filter type warehouse top dusting and mixing building concentrated dust removal equipment, and gradually replace the traditional cloth bag filter. Although has good dust cleaning effect and extend the service life of the dust, but cement and fly ash filter roof caving accidents still to happen from time to tome, serious pollution of the station of the surrounding environment, dust from twenty meters above that of the high altitude fell also poses a serious security hidden danger of accident, which should be our designers and mixing station the attention of the users. Warehouse top precipitator roof caving accidents, have a design flaw and users can't use operating rules according to two reasons.

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