Compacting equipment forward process

2013-03-04 11:02:27
Compacting equipment is our life in the most common one of the engineering equipment, the most obvious feature is big roller, these lumbering big iron in the road construction  for us in the set. But back up its production process, maybe there are many story is unknown, today the author will take you to compaction equipment evolution process of understanding a.
Maybe the word in evolutionary terms, how many there will be some inappropriate, because generally we say that evolution is refers to the development of biology, and for an invention or a few such definition. In this only as a concept reference, in order to more direct understanding of the whole machinery development process. Roller at first production function is also used to flatten the asphalt road engineering vehicles, but because in the early stages of the invention, and there is no strong power of diesel engine, so the main power source or animals, recorded in the most effective proof is recorded in the 19th century European people use horse drive roller work design documents.
At the end, the industrial revolution brought the age of steam, the world's industrial level began to enter the rapid development process, so compaction equipment machine from human into steam, such pressure road equipment although can promote weight more roller, but due to the lack of technology, for pavement compaction effect still is not very obvious, and the road often in a short time appear all sorts of problems. The progress of technology make people successful use diesel engine driven a compacting equipment, thus into now compaction equipment era, and later technology innovation is what we now see large machines, and effect than in the past and in the future more strong, with the progress of the life of the technology innovation, there will be more advanced compaction machinery appear, and this need through our generation and unremitting efforts.

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