Commodity Concrete Batching Plant - Screw Conveyor Installation Sequence

2012-11-02 09:15:41

Commodity concrete batching plant equipment screw conveyor installation, between each part of the order must be in strict accordance with the product instructions.
Screw conveyor installation, according to installation design, first head tail and central casing according to the factory director or by thrust bearing housing head lined up in the basis, each section casing flange put between bone asbestos pad, with bolt connection, and the foundation bolt temporary fixed (not screw up), then screws and after cleaning after the suspension bearing and coupling spindle assembly, screws and connection between shaft flange, should add asbestos pad, from the head end helicoid began by day into the casing inside, and screw down the screws flange bolt until the tail section and depend on the flat bearing box axial axial string dynamic, length adjustment, so that make all the screw connection into a whole. Host complete installation, then install motor, reducer and drive. Drive installation is completed the mixing plant whole screw conveyor have finished installed.

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