Color Brick Block Making Machine Characteristics

2012-12-03 14:36:19

1, color brick block making machine produces the brick has good permeability, can make the rain, instantly penetrate into underground, supplement the soil water and groundwater, and maintain the soil moisture, improve the ground plants and soil microbial conditions of existence. 2, color brick block making machine produced out of the brick has good air permeability, can evaporation moisture and absorption of heat, adjust the temperature and humidity of the local space surface, adjusting regional microclimate, alleviate urban heat island effect have obvious effect. 3, color brick block making machine produced out of the brick can also reduce the urban drainage and flood control pressure, to prevent public waters pollution and treatment has good effect. 4, color brick block making machine produced out of the surface of the brick pavement is small uneven, prevent pavement reflective, absorb the vehicle noise, can improve the traffic of the suitability and safety. 5, color brick block making machine is environmental protection product, the use of waste, waste powder, waste slag, fly ash, waste ceramsite slag, smelting slag, construction waste material production pavement encaustic brick, plays the role of waste utilization.

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