Chinese Hollow Block Making Machine Development Direction

2012-10-31 16:34:06

 At present our country energy structure and utilization efficiency questions are very serious. Follow economic continuous years of sustained rapid growth, rapid progress of urbanization, China's energy demand will continue to progress, the contradiction between supply and demand and raised; Meanwhile, China's economy will exist, high pollution, high consumption topic, increased energy, resources and environmental pressure on the contradiction between supply and demand. To change this situation, both must progress in China's energy and resource utilization efficiency, and to improve our economic growth quality and reduce the unit energy consumption, adopt low carbon development strategy. These are required to improve the senior mechanical equipment support, which will promote the mechanical product structure adjustment and into the stage. Energy, resources and environmental safety topic is the focus of attention of the international community. After the financial crisis, the dollar continued weakness, drive energy and commodity price fluctuations, energy, resources and environmental security is the height of the governments face, new energy, energy saving and emission reduction, carbon emission control slowly become international hot words.
From the hollow Block Making Machine equipment present situation look, no matter from products, is still own produce process, all of the national economy and the above requirements ahead. At present the product efficiency, steel utilization and environmental protection function generally lower than the international improve senior level, the extensive development model not only unable to support the transformation of national economy into level, but also can not adapt to open environment market competition situation, can't guarantee the sustainable development of the industry. If want to content the current market demand Block Making Machine equipment essential in energy saving and the effective utilization of resources direction find a way out, the enterprise increased research efforts will make our Block Making Machine equipment more on a new level.

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