What are the characteristics of high-quality concrete mixer with

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Concrete mixer cement, sand and gravel aggregate and mixed with water and mixed with mechanical made of concrete mixes. Includes a power mechanism connected through a shaft with the drive mechanism and driven by the drive mechanism and the drum, the drum barrel tops disposed around the roll barrel ring gear meshing with the ring gear provided on the shaft. The new structure is simple, reasonable, with gear, ring gear, which can effectively overcome the phenomenon of slippage between the rain and fog weather, roller mixer drum.
Concrete mixer discharge can be divided into:
Tipping and non-tipping two. Tilt by stirring drum tipping discharge, rather than tipping reversed by stirring drum unloading. What are the functions of the concrete batching plant?
1, the various components of the macro and micro evenly.
2, bad cement particle agglomeration, and promote the development of the diffusion phenomena
Bad cement particle surface initial hydrate film wrapped layer
4, concrete mixer collision friction between the material particles, to reduce the impact of dust film,block making machine
5, high mixing materials each unit body to participate in the crossover frequency of the number of sports and trajectory, acceleration homogenised

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