Concrete batching plant cement bin in use should pay attention to the following four o 'clock

2013-01-17 17:44:23

 In some engineering, we see a lot of users in the installed cement bin, the working personnel will concrete batching plant cement bin lack of management and maintenance. Do maintenance work to avoid safety accident prolong the service life of cement bin. According to our practical experience.

The following is the tao gave birth to for you to summarize the concrete mixer cement bin in use should pay attention to the following four:
A, cement warehouse basic is a steel composition, manufacturer is in manufacturing cement tank, ready to paint anticorrosion work, but whether manufacturer anticorrosive work do much good, steel plate if long time exposed to air, will also be air corrosion, can appear the phenomenon of rust. This requires users in the use of cement tank after period of time to the surface and other parts of the checked to see if Mr. The rust phenomenon, if appear immediately besmear to brush paint, avoid being corrosion area increases.
Second, the cement warehouse material level meter is also is an indispensable part of material level meter with a long time also can appear material level inaccurate phenomenon, so time is long always check material level meter.
Three, cement bin dust collector is inevitable, dust collector on the good will have dust, because concrete batching plant cement tank is loaded powder, granule with bulk material, so the precipitator dust is inevitable, and dust removing all once probably can cause detonation bin event. Users should always check the filter to remove the dust on the dust catcher, and check the filter installation, if any loose loose fixed bolt and nut.
Four, cement bin is fixed in a position, cement tank leg will inevitably be collision, so often should check cement tank leg, look have bent phenomenon, if bending must think of a way to come to correction.

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