Cement Tank Car Add Lubricating Oil That Should Pay Attention To The Quality Of Oil

2012-10-30 14:56:25

 Cement tank have large concrete and small cement tank cent, large cement tank also called cement bin have 30-500 tons capacity, used for concrete batching plant equipment of all kinds of material in storage. Small cement tank, one party, 2 square, 3 square, 5 square, 8 square, used for finished cement and concrete delivery, installation in the cement tank car, concrete mixing tank car on. Cement tank car, concrete mixing tank car lubricating oil add must pay attention to, appear on the market a lot of recycling waste oil phenomenon. Recycling waste oil by some illegal enterprise processing and filtering, usually in three face appeared in the market: oil, diesel oil and architectural form oil. Oil usually sold to the roadside shop, diesel mainly provide local hotel kitchen range for fuel, mould oil is widely used in every construction site.
According to the country "on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid wastes" relevant provision, solid waste disposal center disposal of waste oil is 2 yuan per kg to collect the disposal expenses, and waste acquisition enterprise not only without charge, but also to the mixer truck maintenance manufacturers pay per kilogram 0.7 yuan recovery cost. So, if can illegal disposal one kilogram of waste oil, maintenance can "make" 2.7 yuan. In the economic interests in front, almost all the waste oil into the underground market.
On the other hand, concrete mixer truck manufacturer also can because the market or operating interests demand, have released their own brand of lubricating oil products. So this kind of car, with better oil but can improve the vehicle condition. Also, the car drink used oil can also affect the condition of the car! "He also said that, price cheap car, can't expect very sophisticated sensor system and mechanical design. To this, a mixing car experts warned owners:" using waste oil must be no good, people eat the trench oil will affect health. Almost all of the mixer truck manufacturers will not go to your production in the oil products, but entrust lubricating oil manufacturers. Regardless of which kind of processing channel, as car main attention is, the product must meet the owners manual "required specifications, guaranteed the product of well-known trademark. And a good oil, but can in a way to make up the congenital deficiency.
The basic function of oil including lubrication, wear resistance, heat dissipation and clean, if only one-sided emphasis on role, so this kind of oil cannot be called a good oil. Waste oil is these functions are the degradation of engine oil, which is why the cause of the oil change regularly. With the increase of the use time, oil base oil will gradually oxidation, and additive also will slowly consumption or degradation, lead to oil the overall performance decline.
Concrete mixing tank car and said: cement mixer truck, concrete mixer truck.

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