Cement Mixers Design - Shell Design

2012-09-07 10:59:32

Cement mixers  design is necessary, shell design is the first part, the traditional U tank bottom is easy to appear the mixing dead Angle, which leads to two axle load is too large, so that the fracture. In addition they will both ends wallboard welding died in casing, it makes in the shaft or leaf damaged maintenance is not convenient, and the workload is also quite big.
Modern design, the bottom of the channel to make ω type, to prevent mixing dead Angle, and in the cylinder installed in the plate. Both sides to welding on steel plate to make machine groove, groove welding on both sides have Angle for fixed machine cover, slot machine bottom welding have bearing pad to bearing slot. Machine groove both ends wallboard not welding died in the cabinet, but through the bolt and casing connection, the aim is to facilitate the maintenance will be damaged shaft hoist, save and blade trouble, maintenance space increases, reduce workload, still can reduce both ends axle hole diameter, facilitate seal leak, as below:
Shell Design.gif

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