Cement Mixers Design - Design Of Stirring Shaft

2012-09-07 11:02:46

In the concrete mixing process and cement mixers design, each blade force is more complex, so the transfer to the mixing shaft bending stress and torsional stress also corresponding is more complex. Due to the stress of the main stirring shaft with torsion is given priority to, to facilitate the calculation, in the design process of stirring shaft in accordance with torsion condition of strength calculation, the increase of safety factor method to ensure the reliability of the stirring shaft.
And ordinary shaft, stirring shaft materials commonly used 45 steel, not important undemanding can choose Q235 steel. The demand is higher corrosion resistance or material will not be iron ion pollution, should adopt stainless acid-resistant steel or use the anticorrosive measures.

Mixing shaft common solid and hollow diameter. Hollow structure can reduce the quality of the mixer, but processing is more complex, high cost, usually by solid structure.
Forced mixer detachable connection structure used to hold tile type structure, the multi-purpose plug structure. As below:
Design Of Stirring Shaft.jpg

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