Cement Block Making Machine Maintenance

2012-11-13 09:54:34

Cement Block Making Machine in the first before starting to do an overall inspection, each connection screw loose if there should be tightening.
When using shift to all lubricating points and parts charging lubricating oil, the motor, components, connection can not have loose phenomenon, and weekly inspection switch contact, and the contact of carbon clear in time, have damaged change in time, lest appear phase lack or short circuit, affects the machine service life.
The vibrator, every 20 days or so check once, such as bearing lack of oil has clearance or damage, can appear motor fever wait for a phenomenon.
Block Making Machine equipment operation if found abnormal situation, should immediately stop check, find the reasons or fault before can restore production, commuter should do cleaning machinery and equipment, timely maintenance, and turn off the power switch.

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