Cement Block Making Machine Characteristics

2012-11-21 09:32:28

Cement Block Making Machine is to use slag, slag, fly ash, stone, sand, stone, cement as raw materials, scientific compounding, adding water mixing, through the Block Making Machine gave high pressure pressed out concrete Block, hollow Block or color pavement brick mechanical equipment. This kind of equipment also is what people baking-free brick machine, that is to say the production out of concrete block or hollow block, do not need to sintering, through the short time of air can factory. Say less investment, quick effect, is a lot of more current the investment hot industry.
Cement Block protect our valuable land resources, but also to achieve the reuse of resources, such as everyone considered waste slag, slag, building garbage, etc., through the Block Making Machine equipment can be transformed into baking-free brick, so as to realize the resource recycling, which is why a country to publish relevant policy, we will vigorously support the development of the cause of concrete Block market.
In addition, is also a lot of friends concerned about a problem that the quality of the concrete block is? Its strength may be to amount to mark? Here I can give you a completely positive reply, cement brick quality not only as the original red brick, intensity is far more than the strength of red brick.
According to the classification of the different factors, cement Block Making Machine can be divided into many types, according to the degree of automation can be divided into: automatic cement Block Making Machine, semi-automatic cement Block Making Machine and manual cement Block Making Machine according to different forming principle can be divided into: the mechanical vibration type and hydraulic pressure into type.
According to the forming system is divided into: mechanical cement Block Making Machine and hydraulic cement Block Making Machine cement Block Making Machine also called concrete Block Making Machine is specialized in the production of free burn concrete brick of Block forming Block Making Machine.
After cement Block Making Machine production cement Block characteristics: (1) the strength may, according to the requirements of the engineering construction to produce different grade strength brick; (2) shape according to the needs of the project to determine the different specifications of the block brick; (3) can be hollow block, exhaust hole brick, solid brick and so on the different kinds of concrete brick; (4) waste concrete brick and can be recycled use, increase the comprehensive utilization of resources. 

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