Brick Making Machine Maintenance

2012-12-07 09:36:48

 1,brick making machine equipment power lines should choose 25 ㎜ 2 more aluminium wire or 16 ㎜ 2 more copper wire. Brick making machine equipment operation input voltage is: high voltage 380 v, 410 v, low voltage 330 v, 360 v, a brick making machine for reliable grounding must be installed, in order to ensure the safety of operators, such as not to install grounding device, and cause casualty and death we shall not be responsible for.
2, the oil pump motor is suppress stop or turn sweaty, lead to burn motor, the reason is brick making machine equipment of total pressure regulating valve (distributor of nut) regulating too. (total pressure regulating valve should be gradually down, until the normal work of the motor rotation is not very difficult for good)
3, vibrator vibration is insufficient, brick press the brick cycle is long, or a brick loose, the reason is lower die bearing pressure regulation too big, (die pressure regulation is too large, pressure suppression of the vibrator, the vibration should be "die oil cylinder tubing on corresponding alone pressure regulating valve pressure gradually down, until the machine vibration force can give full play to it)
4, cause mould, balance arm and main engine parts appear open welding or damage reason is lower die bearing pressure regulation is too small; (die bearing pressure regulation is too small, pressure can't will die lock, cause mould and vibration table of the impact force is too large, to a complete set of equipment damage is too big, all parts should be "die under the oil cylinder tubing corresponding alone pressure regulating valve pressure builds up until the machine vibration force was stable, reduce the damage to the machine)
5, brick making machine production brick in face of brick loose, bricky system have fracture phenomenon, or brick making machine to take off the brick on the die himself with the mould, the reason is carry on the head pressure low; (head pressure is too low, not to be brick orientation lead to brick surface loose, should be on the brick making machine pressure hairdressing cylinder tubing on corresponding alone pressure regulating valve pressure builds up, in a mould and gently move upper die wrench, make the hair oil cylinder pressure to keep a certain pressure, can keep the mould of the brick with the mould not rise together, so as to reduce the damage rate of the brick)
6, brick making machine production brick in such as the discovery of brick intermediate out drum belly, the reason is the pressure hairdressing cylinder pressure is too high, or vibration time too short, die not pressure in place; (such as the discovery of brick breakage rate, impure, should be in bracket mold that should pay attention to carry light, or check the aggregate humidity and matching, if wet, the performance of the brick will be pressure out large amounts of water, such as dry, is behaved for brick not forming, not a brick)
7, such as pressure regulating valve failure, the reason is pressure regulating valve internal pressure spring damage or failure; (should change in time the same type of pressure spring)
8, oil cylinder such as the discovery of oil cylinder oil leakage phenomenon, the reason is in the cylinder of seal lose seal effect; (should be replaced the corresponding type of seal)
9, in the use of brick making machine equipment more pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, such ability reduce brick making machine maintenance, thus more qualified product.
10, customer specific item of the brick making machine operation should be carefully read product manual, read after implement in action, will use brick smooth freely, give full play to the brick making machine equipment the superior performance, and prolong the service life of brick making machine.

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