Block Making Machine Using Industrial Automation Equipment

2012-09-03 09:19:47

Industrial automation Block Making Machine is the first choice of road recently, through the grassroots research that now the domestic most industries adopted automation equipment, the new production line will be a large number of the industrial automation equipment. Automatic hydraulic block machine production process full automatic manual operation, this undoubtedly reflects a trend. We can't help but to ponder, the domestic manufacturing and mechanical automation is "on the" indissoluble bound "?
2012 block machine transformation and upgrading of automatic hydraulic block brick machine is a trend "1025" during the domestic economic life theme is "the transformation and upgrading", as "cement baking-free brick" automatic hydraulic block brick machine will in which play very important role, the need for other construction engineering fields offer green, efficient and advanced production equipment. Block brick machine for baking-free brick machine one kind, is the use of blast furnace slag, slag, fly ash, stone, sand, stone, cement, etc as main raw materials, through the hydraulic system pressure pressed out block or brick building materials machinery and equipment. Because cement block protect our valuable land resources, but also to achieve the reuse of resources. Block Block Making Machine to produce cement brick quality not only not inferior to the original red brick, intensity is far more than the strength of red brick. Therefore, whether from the block brick machine industry development point of view or from the whole national interests based on level, the life of the transformation and upgrading of brick is the trend of The Times. Only complete its own "practice", our country mechanical industry to stronger, and promote China's economic structure optimization and upgrading of the whole.
Recommend industrial automation, benefit from the upgrading of the industrial structure transformation of the whole industry although machinery industry with strong cyclical, the fixed asset investment growth large fluctuations. However, due to some segmentation product exactly is completed the transformation and upgrading of economic structure necessary infrastructure (block machine) or key equipment (automatic hydraulic block brick machine), will therefore deduce "contrarian" industry. Focus on Block Making Machine production automation industry, such as segmentation.

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