block making machine processing technology on corn straw Microbial

2013-01-17 18:03:38

The block making machine crushed corn stover production of cattle and sheep feed more and more attention, but the straw storage technology requirements, today we have to talk about corn straw Microbial processing technology.

The corn straw Microbial processing technology, which is also the method of biological treatment, Microbial is the use of microbial corn straw cellulose, hemicellulose degradation, and transformed into a bacterial protein, a method is also the use of crude fiber in the future trend.
 Chopped corn stalks, 5 to 8 cm length to cattle, sheep 3-5 cm is appropriate, and the pig be pulverized so easy compaction and improve the utilization of Microbial pit and guarantee the quality of the stored material production. The straw moisture control in 60%, microbial activity of bacteria in the straw, corn straw fermentation into eating with acid, Hong, alcohol, livestock feed.
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